Fix your mistakes and remove unwanted parts of your artwork with the Eraser tool.    
Adjust and fine-tune your pieces with utmost precision with this all-essential Eraser tool. You’ll find the eraser tool on the brush toolkit located on the left on both Sketch and Doodle Desks. On Kids Desk, the third icon on the left toolbar is the Eraser tool. Meanwhile, to evoke the eraser tool on Photo Desk, tap on the brush tool icon to the left. When tapped, this icon will open up a menu of tools, the sixth icon on this list will be the Eraser tool. Tap on the brush adjustment icon located on the top right of each Sketch and Doodle Desk to invoke the brush size adjustment slider. Drag the slider up and down to adjust the size of your eraser tool to your preference.  To adjust the brush size of the eraser tool on Kids Desk, simply tap on the eraser icon on the left of your canvas, it will open up the brush size adjustment slider right next to it.