DrawingDesk is a digital painting app designed exclusively for mobile, which means it's been optimized for you to start sketching whenever the mood strikes.
We're super excited to announce the arrival of the most anticipated update yet- say hello to Drawing Desk V6, now officially up for grabs! The new and improved Drawing Desk is more ready than ever to tackle all your creative needs! Marking a significant milestone in the history of Drawing Desk's evolution, Drawing Desk V6 is a huge leap forward in achieving our long-term vision of enabling everyone to be creative using digital technology.   Our ultimate goal being delivering an enjoyable yet creativity oozing exposure to everyone who loves drawing, this major update is loaded with tons of improvements, brand-new features, and exceptional tools to unlock your drawing power. Amidst a herd of rising challenges, our small team has worked relentlessly on perfecting Drawing Desk V6 just for you. So why wait? Let's dig into the newest changes of this update right now!

It's all about colors!

We are completely aware of how exhausting the color selection process can be sometimes. We decided to make life a littler bit easier for you by pairing up with Apple Watch. With Apple Watch compatibility, you can now change colors on selected brushes on Sketch Desk and even pick beautiful shades flawlessly in Coloring Desk. Unclutter and Stay Organized.